Within Mac OS X and Unix, ensure that the driver trace option value 4 and query logging option value are not enabled. The Complete option installs all the available files, including debug and utility components. It was developed according to the specifications of the SQL Access Group and defines a set of function calls, error codes, and data types that can be used to develop database-independent applications. If the connection failed, you can obtain more information on the test and why it may have failed by clicking the Diagnostics The code simply assigns an empty string to the Text property of the text box. You will now add a new Data Source to your project and see how it can be used to read and write to the database. If you can create a program that also demonstrates the problem, please include it in the archive as well.

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For more information, see Section Create new Roles as required. Foreign Keys management is performed using the Foreign Key Relationships dialog. Select BuildBuild Solution from oddbc main menu to build the solution.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51

When a connection has been created and opened, the code then creates a MySqlCommand object. Once you have set up the Session State Provider as required, click Finish to exit the wizard. Basic information on their usage and abilities is provided here for reference purposes only. Once the model has been created, the model’s properties can be selected, and in the Database Script Generation category of the model’s properties, the property DDL Generation can be found.


To change foreign key settings, select the required foreign key in the list box on the left. Before changes are saved, you will be asked to confirm the execution of the corresponding SQL query in a confirmation dialog. The solution is created. For example, imagine the following query was contructed from user input:.

Chapter Connectors and APIs

Bug The connection string option Enable Auto-reconnect did not work. You use the DSN in an application to communicate with the database, rather than specifying individual parameters within the application itself. Click Finish to create the model and exit the wizard. A new template is myzql included mjsql allow creation of this file type using the Visual Studio main menu item FileNew.

Click Clear Form to clear text from the textboxes and the label that displays your chosen color.

If you have not already done odhc, you should install the World example database prior to attempting this tutorial. Click the Typical button and proceed to Step 315. To be able to update a table, you must define a primary key for the table. To modify an existing table, double-click the node of the table you wish to modify, or right-click this node and choose the Design item from the context menu.


Finally, you must register the driver with iODBC using the myodbc3i tool you just installed:.

MySQL :: MySQL Connector/ODBC

Once you have created a connection string it can be used to open a connection to the MySQL server. You should have a timestamp in all tables that you want to be able to update. The default library path is assumed to be C: You will be presented with the installer welcome message.

In the Design view panel, double-click any blank area. Select an appropriate radio button to show or hide sensitive data. In the Password field, enter the corresponding password for this connection.

The debug version includes additional checks and reporting measures.

The References required are SystemSystem. The following code is used to create a MySqlConnection object, assign the connection string, and open the connection.

A DataSet object is instantiated, which can store multiple tables of data. Select an optional sort order for the data. Ensure that you have not enabled the disable transactions option in your DSN.