Many of these have been done – but there are still some left. Old Xenlinux PV kernels linux All necessary backends and frontends are in the upstream kernel. In general, this is a good rule, since each VM then has a large cache, and cache-misses are minimised. Thanks again for your a quick reply.

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While irqbalance does the job in most situations, manual IRQ balancing can prove better in some situations.

XenParavirtOps – Xen

While this does not necessarily improve performance it can easily make performance worse, in factit is useful when debugging Loadig usage of a VM. Management tools like “virt-install” and “virt-manager” will use Xen pygrub as a default when you install new guests using them. For running parallel iperf sessions to multiple destinations, use the multi-iperf.

Dan and Jan talked about it and Jan posted a patch for this some time ago. To reach optimum efficiency, we have to put processes that often interact “close-by” in terms of NUMA-ness, i.

You should therefore not use the command xm anymore.


Actually there’re more than four VMs but yes two VMs are taking a lot of resources. Do you have “xenconsoled” process running in dom0? I’ll apply this patch. No, hotfix XSE is not applied yet.

Xen Common Problems – Xen

On bare metal machines, this approach works well in terms of performance and power xen-netbackk leaving some cores in xen-ndtback power states if possible. The receiver side can then be stated manually with netserveror you can configure it as a service:. Changing these settings in only relevant if you want to optimise network connections for which one of the end-points is dom0 not a user domain. Yes, please see the Research Papers Directory. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Normally this would be bridging, but NAT or openvswitch are other possibilities.

SR-IOV is currently a double-edged sword. As disk driver domains are not currently supported, this page will describe the setup for network driver domains.

Network Throughput and Performance Guide

This feature is present and turned on by default with XenServer 6. Many dom0 related bugfixes and improvements. In particular, information about:.

Retrieved loaing ” https: Run xentop on your XenServer and see what load it reports. You can check the Xen hypervisor memory usage with the following commands:. Seems done – refer to pvops microcode update page. The next step is to configure all the guests domUs to NOT use those same physical cpus. This should make the console work and login prompt appear on the ” xl console ” session.


Support wildcards in xen-pciback. A convenient way to search for the line s above is by running the following command in the control domain just before re- starting the VM s: Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. If you do encounter problems, then getting as much information as possible is very helpful. However, as explained above, this rule xen-nerback not great for network performance.

It is not an actual configuration file option. Fixes loaidng device drivers.