Interpolation is also used by devices like camcorders and digital cameras, when they build a colour image from raw CCD data which contains stripes or chequerboards of different tinted pixels. Another of the DC’s annoying features is the way its second timer shot feature works. Glossary I’ve got an explanation of photographic terms in general, as they relate to digital cameras, here. The DC is a “binocular” shaped camera – it’s much longer than it is tall. If it’s not in that mode, it won’t connect to anything.

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Other than its not-so-good telephoto performance, the DC’s only real limitations come from its fixed-focus lens, which makes distant detail noticeably fuzzier than the kocak from an autofocus camera like the DC Another of the DC’s annoying features is the way its second timer shot feature works. There is no “real” detail in this surface, so focus and resolution are irrelevant – all of the unevenness you see is camera noise.

Kodak DC220 Sample Photos

The DC’s user interface makes turning the LCD display on for shot framing very simple – one button does it. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. This means that most pictures taken with the DC will be slightly fuzzier than the output resolution would suggest. But if you switch the camera to PAL mode, you can still review pictures on a PAL TV or monitor, but for some reason can no longer use the monitor for live previewing.


Kodak DC Digital Photography Review

To turn the timer on you have to press the TAB key no fewer than seven times to hop through all of the other features, then the SELECT key once, and the Enter or shutter button to get out of the menu mode if you’re not in the mood to wait a few seconds for it to time out.


Along with sound, there’s video.

We did notice significantly increased compression artifacts in the extreme shadows though. Similar to the interval adjustment for slideshows, but applied only to the specific picture types mentioned. Incidentally, alkalines “flattened” by a digital camera probably actually have a fair bit of life left in them for less demanding applications.

Most of the time, auto white balance kodai quite effective, so you may not need to use the other settings. Burst mode is a more recent innovation that lets you take a series of pictures, much as you can with a motor-drive film camera, and store them uncompressed, in on-board RAM.

While you can do this quite simply by turning off the LCD panel which disables the digital zoom functionit would have been nice if we could have disabled the digital zoom function while leaving the LCD powered up.

What’s more, Kodak’s “mounter” software makes the camera appear kdak Windows as a storage device, allowing you to just drag and drop images from it into hard drive folders via Windows Explorer. Still, it’s more than four times faster than serial, and quite acceptable for pretty much everyone.

Kodak DC Series

At any rate the camera when connected via the cable does not show up on the device manager nor is it detected by EasyShare. When the CCD has insufficient incident light to provide a smooth range of intensity values in a given colour from zero to maximum, it uses what it does have so that the actual number of shades of each colour detected is less than the CCD specifications would appear to suggest.

Overall, the DC produced very pleasing pictures, with the excellent, highly-saturated color rendition we’ve come to expect from Kodak. The warm corner is caused by excitation of the CCD cells by heat from its connecting wires.


The DC’s uncompressed images are very nearly indistinguishable from Best mode; Best quality on the DC is noticeably more heavily compressed, but not enough to be offensive. Another minor inconvenience is that the mounter program is read-only: The DC appears to use more image compression in its minimally compressed mode than the DC From the Manufacturer This USB download cable enables you to transfer your megapixel pictures to a computer up to 40 times faster than with a serial cable.

If you prefer kodxk more conventional camera shape to the “binocular” design of theyou’ll like the series cameras.

Kodak DC Sample Photos

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. A superficially similar barrel plug worked not at all. We can imaging the logo watermark d220 being used by realtors and others wishing to “brand” their images to indicate origin. This means you can’t delete images from the camera memory, and prevents you from right-clicking on images in the camera, to “move” rather than “copy” them to your hard drive.

Smart Home by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, In practice, we found that the “manual” settings tended to leave a little of the color cast of the lighting in the shot perhaps deliberately, to preserve some of the original picture’s mood. A thousand images, even at Standard resolution and maximum compression, would take up more than 70Mb.

Shutter Max Shutter Speed. It takes seconds to move between successive images.