My entire team is stuck using a single monitor. Apple kept telling me that I need to contact the manufacturer. It’s been over 2 months I raked Apple’s tech support over the coals on this one. We thank you for your patience as we work this problem. I must have spent over 3 hours with them on the phone.

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May 7, 3: There is no need to test every device. I originally went gang-busters to get the update installed on my MacBook Air. I wonder why the Beta displzylink did not catch this In parallel, we are continuing to explore with Apple routes to a permanent and complete solution.

I also don’t feel like a 3rd party product should hold up the release and improvement of software releases.

Apple Mac DisplayLink Driver Installation and Removal Instructions – Plugable

Surely, they knew that the update would break all USB external monitor displays. Windows alerts you to possible hardware conflicts on update dieplaylink why not Mac?

I bought a new portable monitor. Speaking from experience regarding Bluetooth issues and the iOS 10 release, it took 6 months before this issue was resolved and there were 10’s of thousands, if not millions, of people affected by this. Jun 6, 6: It’s been over 2 months They’re so focused on making a sale they’re ignoring supporting their current users.


Apple should have a warning that some USB interfaces break with their latest update and by now they should know, given the number of people having problems ; and don’t update for a few months after the release.

We will, however, update you as soon as we have further information to share. I know after I installed the OS update it warned me that some of my software applications were not optimized for use. Some people are still waiting for the sequel.

Apple will tell you that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to find a fix. That’s an absolutely outrageous response from Apple.

DisplayLink macOS Software

May 31, DisplayLink doesn’t own the problem. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Their latest big displaylknk was a desktop theme.

I believe Apple will solve this problem. We’re just Apple product users like yourself. They tried every trick in the book to get things to work.

I know that I was registered displaylinkk never received any notification not to install it. I don’t know how many people are affected by this issue, but I would suspect it is a relatively small amount compared to the Bluetooth issue based on the number of people on this thread.


Apr 16, 7: May 7, Then I noticed that my external monitors would not work.

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Jensington, the update caused the issue, however, it is not clear to me exactly why the external USB display adapters don’t work any more. CyberEnt raised two good ideas: Unfortunately, at this stage, we are unable to give a dates for either a work-around or a complete solution. Yes, I also have this problem.