Are you a time traveler? If you do and it’s still not loading the drivers, you can slipstream specific drivers in as well. I didn’t think that was the case here but wanted to check. DyDx Ars Praefectus Tribus: Use your original disk to boot the system 2. Anyhow, looks like this is going to end up being faster if I just reinstall Windows. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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It appears that the windows installer does not even put the boot files onto the correct drive either — the root of the SATA drive is empty other than Docs and Settings, Program Files and the Windows folders. Hope this will be helpful information for you.

This file is listed with my Ghost installed files full evidently one of the Ghost updates included this file if it was not on the original Ghost CD when I purchased it. I think you are correct. I have absolutely NO problems with this software and it has saved me a few times.


Jan 22, Posts: Anyhow, looks like this is going to end up being faster if I just reinstall Windows. Boot using your Ghost Floppy Boot disk 2.

Jocomo Jacomo, many thanks for the information. Submit a News Tip!

Los Angeles, CA Registered: Could I edit boot. The windows 7 drivers work fine, for these two, just download them from acer website. He must have been trying to replace the drive in a very old computer.

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Jocomo, again I appreciate all your help. It should also somewhat alleviate the driver-jumble. Thanks for any help. So I have also made a full image backup of the C Drive in Macrium Reflect yes, by going through that wonderful article of yours on using Macrium Backup tool. You can actually skip a tull steps since you’re using the same motherboard, but the principle is solid. I’ve only ever run into issues when dealing with different bios manufacturers from the old days.

So I decided to reinstall Windows from scratch. Originally posted by DyDx: Vernon D Rainwater wrote: Try to clean up the HD of old files, but the HD gave of the ghost.


Disabling it in the BIOS isn’t always enough. Erase hgost new hard drive in Windows, but make sure the new hard drive and the SATA controller are both showing up in the Device Manager 4. I didn’t think that was the case here but wanted to check.

Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? The best camera bargains of Mon Oct 01, That information would be helpful.

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Jocomo Yes, the above is helpful. Any idea why is it asking for a driver? Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades.

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