The Coldfsion Wishlist apparently is a channel to send cf bug reports. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. Could you post the entire stacktrace of the SQLException? Once the driver is installed and the server rebooted , do the following to create the Oracle thin client data source in ColdFusion Follow us via RSS Feed.

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We would recommend the ojdbc7.

Some older versions of JBoss would throw an java. Turns out their new server was completely bit Windows and ColdFusion and I didn’t find out about the Access.

JDBC Drivers/JDBC Connectivity for Adobe ColdFusion

That caused it to hang. I got the fowling error: You can find out more here: You can not post a blank message.

ColdFusion, Flex, Ajax and other items of interestHow to solve error: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If you need to connect to an Oracle database from Coldfusion 10 the odacle are some recommendations on how to configure your connection. It will appear with an OK to show you that you have successfully made your connection!

Timed out trying to establish connection The root cause was that: Its not a network. Using Macromedia with OID If you choose to use the built-in Oracle driver you will need to use the Oid Lookup tool to retrieve the servername of the backend database.


Since Coldfusion is built on java we know that it has a library of drivers which it uses to connect to different databases. Comments are disabled in preview mode. The Database OID entry.

The Driver name can be everything, but I suggest you. Put simply, its slow.

I have given the Coldfusion logs a sourcetype of log4j, which works mostly, but I found an odd issue in one of our application. Labels android 3 apache 6 art 3 aussie-politics 78 berlin 6 books 6 business 2 buzz 1 canon 1 censorship 1 chrome 3 climate 3 coldbox 2 coldfusion 51 css 1 database 3 design 19 dev 64 doofs 15 facebook 8 fire 1 firefox 19 fraudband 1 funny 16 fusion 2 geocoding 1 gmo 1 html 3 ios 3 iPad 1 javascript 27 jmeter 1 life 1 linux 11 mapguide 69 mapping 13 music 3 n95 6 nbn 3 networking 1 offline 1 opendata 1 openlayers 9 oracle 31 oradle 1 photos 20 pirates 1 postgres 1 printing 1 project managment 1 rant 1 recipes 1 rock 6 safari 4 science coldfsuion sqlserver 1 subversion 3 tragi-comedy 1 travel 15 twitter 1 ubuntu 1 us-politics 8 useability 1 utils 2 vpn 1 wedding 1 win10 1 windows 2 wmware 2.

Some have been hanging out at CF9 and others have long since moved to CF This is a simple un-bound query, but it fails with java. Coldfusion oracle jdbc Macromedia vs Thin.


Yieng Ly’s Blog

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please edit your post and the stacktrace there, don’t use comments for that. Railo did NOT ship the Oracle jdbc driver. This site uses cookies. We have run into an issue where we get “PLS The following information is taken from the ColdFusion documentation: I have given an example of the MongoDB and Salesforce driver definitions below.

Existing datasource connections are not affected, but users who are upgrading existing databases existing databases existing databases to Oracle 12c will need to create new ColdFusion.

Dave Irovic on Wed Aug 31 If you want to install a newer Oracle JDBC driver than what we provide, you’ll need to upload a “jar” file that contains the updated driver to your hosting environment.

Oracle73 — Oracle 7.