Throughout the film, the driver of the truck remains anonymous and unseen, with the exception of two separate shots where his arm waves Weaver on into oncoming traffic, and another shot where Weaver observes the driver’s snakeskin boots. The Ferrari does most of the white knuckle driving in the scene as it drives against the flow of traffic. Hyde stunt pedestrian – uncredited. Mann then passes the truck using an unpaved turnout next to the highway. One of these, a Peterbilt , virtually identical to the original truck except for its air intake, was later destroyed in another movie production.

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See this year’s top trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: The same can be said about stunt people. The car was carefully chosen, a red Plymouth Valiantalthough three cars were used in the actual production of the movie. Loftin eventually semi-retired in at age 77 after doing Pink Lightningalthough he still took minor stunt roles as a truck driver.

After antagonizing Mann for some time, the driver waves him past but Mann nearly hits an oncoming vehicle. After a long wait, Mann heads off again but the truck is waiting caey him again down the road. Around a corner he pulls off the road, hiding behind an embankment as the truck drives past.


He turns to face the truck in front of a canyon.

How Much Have You Seen? Armored Car Guard uncredited. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Carey Loftin – The Mohammad Ali of Stunt Drivers

Loftin started riding around the area using his motorcycle as a balance beam to perform all sorts of aerobatics in front of the crowd, and Fordyce hired him on the spot. The film’s original score was composed by Billy Goldenbergwho had previously written the music for Spielberg’s segment of the Night Gallery pilot and his Columbo episode “Murder by the Book,” and co-scored Spielberg’s The Name of the Game episode “L.

Richard Matheson on Screen: Show all 17 episodes.

Edit Did You Know? He studies the patrons and confronts one he believes to be the truck driver. The movie Duel inspired me to make my own truck style horror film. The truck hits the car which bursts into flames, obscuring the driver’s view.

Retrieved August 12, Retrieved September 3, Loftin did however, Act as another murderous faceless truck driver in Messenger of Death along with Tommy J. Notify me of new comments via email. Why they have an academy award for Best Title Writing and not Best stunt in a movie is beyond me, but if they did Carey Loftin would be the Meryl Streep for that award.


Onslow Stevens – uncredited. Aside from being a busy stuntman, Loftin also acted in bit parts of the many films and television shows in which he performed stunts.

Carey Loftin | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Loftin wanted to find a piston from a car that he could adapt to his bike. He locks the accelerator using his briefcase and steers the car into the oncoming truck, jumping free at the carye moment.

During the original filming, the crew only had one truck, so the shots of the truck falling off the cliff had to be completed in one take.

Retrieved January 9, Expletives were also added, to make the film sound less like a television production. Blountstown, FloridaU. Eand Rockford Files. His motives for targeting Weaver’s character are never revealed, but the truck had numberplates from every state. As for acting and stunt roles, Loftin is best remembered as the faceless driver in Duel TV Series Gunman – Limbo Loftin’s expertise with motor vehicles, including