I arrive even earlier in Melbourne, usually on Tuesdays. Ultimately it is race director Charlie Whiting’s call as to whether Maylander is deployed, but he does have some say by communicating with race control throughout the event. It takes up its position at the front of the field and leads the Formula 1 cars around the track at reduced speed until the dangerous situation has passed. Vojtech Ruzicka leads with 27 players left in the WSOP main event, with year-old and two-time bracelet-winner Cliff Josephy just behind him. The speed prevents the race cars from overheating due to lack of cooling air. How long does the safety car remain on the circuit?

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He gathers the flock and protects it when something goes awry, a far harder task than it appears on our television screens, even for a retired racing car driver. He makes similar runs on every morning of the weekend to check the circuit’s GPS system, which allows the F1 cars to be tracked and triggers warning lights in their cockpits if there is an accident.

Whenever I notice something unusual on the track, such as short or misplaced kerbs, for instance, I inform Charlie Whiting in our meeting after the test.

Nevertheless he’s still a very busy man on F1 race weekends. On the brink on Day 6 of the main event. He watches the race on a TV in the car and receives constant weather updates.

It takes up its position at the front of the field and leads the Formula 1 cars around the maylanderr at reduced speed until the dangerous situation has passed. Tests have shown that the driver can see them much better on the display mwylander this goes a long way towards increasing safety on the circuit. The first track test, between 2 pm and 3 pm, is very important, because both the car and the track are being tested, as well as the radio system, the GPS systems, and the cameras.


I check the camera and the radio function one more time and make sure I get the most recent weather update – a very important part of my race preparation. In the past years, heavy rains have increasingly made the deployment of myself and the safety car necessary. Expanded Super Rugby a convoluted mess.

The safety car driver – Bernd Maylander

On the brink on Day 6 of the main event Players near the bottom of the chip counts on Day bsrnd of the WSOP main event have a paradox — they’re still in, but their chances of advancing are slim.

When are you deployed onto the track? View all NBA Sites. Naturally, on race day, Maylander arrives at the track bright and early.

Bernd Mayländer: Meet The Man Who’s Led The Most Laps In F1

Jerry Wong is one of three players with at least 10 million chips going into Day 6 of the WSOP main event, but it’s a tight race up top. The toughest part of the day for me begins right after the GPS test.

Since when has the safety car been used in Formula 1? I give them my opinion of the situation and I wait for their feedback. During the driver briefing, the previous race and the current race are analyzed and we discuss what can be improved and how.

Directly after qualifying, the countdown starts for the first F2 race. Leadership key if young Blues are to succeed in Super Rugby.

It is like the relationship between an airplane pilot and air traffic control: They inform race control if they want me to speed up or slow down. I forward our test results to FIA race director Charlie Maaylander, who knows all the rules inside out and decides whether a track is up to standard. Italian Grand Prix Qualifying Results: The speed prevents the race cars from maaylander due to lack of cooling air.


The safety car driver – Bernd Maylander

Hurricane Patricia and other weather conditions littered the Circuit of the Americas with more than 6. During the Friday practice session the safety car is not in use, so Maylander watches events unfold from the FIA motorhome before making an appearance at both the F1 and GP2 driver briefings.

Bernr take a look back through John Mitchell’s coaching career, beginning with that stint in charge of the All Blacks.

View all CBB Sites. The safety car has the special honour of being the first car to go out on to the circuit each race weekend.

Five minutes before the race he drives from the startline to his agreed parking spot, which allows him quick access to the circuit if necessary. If there is an accident during the session, the practice will be stopped.

An iPad affixed to their center console gives them all the data and information needed about the race. Michael Ruane has lived most of his life in poker obscurity, exactly how bernnd wanted it.