Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Help getting asix axb to work This topic has been deleted. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. You should start a thread in the 2. I set the ue0 as lan card and give it the ip What process did you use. If you still have problems, please refer to Section 4 of AXB macOS driver installation guide in the driver package to isolate your issue.

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AXB – Low-Power USB to Fast Ethernet Controller | ASIX

See our newsletter archive for past announcements. You should start a thread in the 2. One possible cause might be: That should be supported by the axe 4 driver under both 2.

As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy. I want to buy one of those asix axb.

It can only be done by the manufacturer of your Android tablet PC.

I set the ue0 as lan card and give it the ip asjs The answers to above questions really depend on user’s product applications and target market, which can be different on individual cases. The usb ethernet card asic clearly working correctly since you’re able to ping it from the client machine.


It should load at boot and replace the in-kernel module. We also believe everyone should be able to afford it. Do I have to assign a unique serial number to every AXB based device?

AX88772B — Low-Power USB 2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller

I have tried to google it and found one other post awus here saying that it was detected but didnt work correctly. Best viewed at x with IE 8. Hi I am waiting for my new DCE that will be my pfsense machine.

Then we can check if it’s an ID the driver should know about. USB device list not updated perhaps?

AXB – ASIX Electronics Corporation

Ok so Vendor 0b95 is Asix. If it is responding to pings or any IP traffic then the driver is loading correctly and talking to the card. Any special drivers needed? You must first have an OUI or an IAB, to which you then append 24 or 12 bits respectively, in a way that makes the resulting bit number unique, i. It says that one can load the axe4 as a module, but if it has been suported since 2.


No, it depends on the real requirement of your AXB target application. I get “module axe already present! From the commnd line run: It looked exactly like the picture, and other ax88772bb a serial number on the bottom there are no other markings.

Steve The axe driver is compiled into the kernel there is no way around unless we recompile a kernel. What process did you use. Never tried for a USB device but I can’t see why that would be any different.

But it will take awhile and meentime I have to get rid of this stupid consumer router from my ISP. The PCI drivers can certainly be loaded at boot to displace the in kernel driver.

Network Adapters – ASIX – ASIX AX88772B USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter Drivers Download

Help getting asix axb to work This topic has been deleted. I don’t think it overrides. So I thought I could use my asus usb to ethernet adapter asix axb but after installing and then upgrading to 2.