However, it isn’t a graphics powerhouse, as its score of in 3DMark06 illustrates. The WSMi’s battery life was very good considering its large size. A Synaptics Touchpad is used to control the mouse pointer, and it has left and right buttons, as well as a scroll-button. However, before you can get Windows Live Messenger to work on this unit, an update must be downloaded and installed. Cons Reflections from the glossy screen can make for uncomfortable viewing; no FireWire; no ExpressCard slot; Acer’s GridVista software didn’t seem to work on our test unit; poor speakers for such a big unit. The dedicated number pad should please those who are regular number-crunchers and the four dedicated shortcut buttons along the top frame of the notebook’s base can be customised to open the applications of your choice.

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Lenovo fine-tuned accer formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that Also, at the better part of three grand, the price may dissuade users who have come to expect “cheap and cheerful” from Acer.

An ExpressCard slot will be useful for add-ons such as TV tuners or mobile data cards, for example. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Most, it seems, except for Acer.

AEY – Tech Specs | Laptops | Acer United States

If you want to edit video from a digital camcorder, then a FireWire card can be installed in the unit’s sole PC Card slot. Dark scenes aced handled well and colours weren’t overly vibrant.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. The screen’s response time is fast so there shouldn’t be any noticeable blurring when scrolling down a Web page, for example. Bandersnatch is acdr to cap a twisted We can only hope that Acer updates their laptops’ look soon, which will bring them up to speed with their competitors.


Despite it being a little bouncy the whole keyboard moves a little when keys on its left-hand side are hitit’s actually very comfortable to type on; the keys have a soft, yet firm feel to them and everything is aspie out in a traditional format. Best Laptops for And a lot of effort has gone into both the appearance and aesthetics of most major brands.

Upside For the benefit of students and number crunchers everywhere, Acer has included a numerical keypad with this laptop. We’ve changed, we promise.

Acer Aspire WSMi Specs – CNET

Don’t show this again. Its 17in widescreen has a native resolution of x But in its defence, this is one of the most powerful inch models available for the price. Despite the lack of a TV tuner, the Acer features a remote control, which, with the included digital SPDIF-out and S-Video output means you can hook the unit up to a home theatre system and run the included version of Media Centre.

A utility called GridVista is also supplied, which can help to quickly align multiple windows on the widescreen display, but we couldn’t get it to work during our tests.

We like the built in Webcam, which asire at the top of the 17in widescreen.

Original Acer Aspire 9425 AC Adapter

This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding This, and the CrystalBrite screen establish the Aspire as a notable desktop replacement. The Touchpad was responsive throughout our tests and the scroll-button was useful when browsing long Web pages.


Though it’s not designed specifically with Windows Vista in mind, the Acer Aspire WSMi certainly packs the specs which should carry it off.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The notebook’s tiny stereo speakers are far from impressive and not well-suited for any audio tasks. Would you buy this? It can capture you as you work on your notebook during a video conferencing session, or it can be flipped degrees to record what you are looking at.

The WSMi’s battery life was very good considering its large size. As previously mentioned, a FireWire port isn’t present, but the notebook also lacks an ExpressCard slot, which is the high-speed successor to the PC Card slot.

Despite a couple of omissions, 94425 WSMi represents great value if you’re looking for a desktop replacement notebook and it was as a great performer in our WorldBench 6 applications tests. Acer also provides its own battery management software as well as backup and recovery software which works in conjunction with the DVD burner and allows you to burn incremental backups of your data.

However, before you can get Windows Live Messenger to work on this unit, an update must be downloaded and installed.